Equipment List

Personal Equipment:
- *Boots - leather with "Vibram" type lug sole; waterproofed and broken in
- * Sleeping bag – down or synthetic; good to -5 Celsius (1) (lightweight)
- * Sleeping pad - Ensolite or Therma rest type (1)
- Backpack - internal frame; 55-70 litres capacity (1)
- Rain jacket - waterproof/breathable type (1)
- Rain pants - coated nylon or waterproof/breathable type (1)
- Shorts - nylon or cotton blend hiking type (1 pair)
- Long underwear (lightweight) - top and bottom, either synthetic or wool (1 pair)
- Long pants - light fleece, wool or synthetic (1 pair)
- Gloves - wool or synthetic
- Socks - wool or wool blend (3 - 4 pairs)
- Warm jacket or sweater - wool or fleece, not cotton (1)
- Toque - wool or fleece (1)
- Hat with sun visor or full brim, e.g. baseball cap, etc. (1)
- Sunglasses -100% UV block (1 pair)
- Headlamp - small size with fresh batteries (1), LED style recommended
- Eating utensils for field trips - cup, bowl, spoon etc., can be bought down there
- Personal kit - toothbrush, blister kit, toilet paper, etc.
- Water bottle - minimum 1 litre
- Knife
- Sunscreen (min. 15 spf & waterproof)
- Matches or lighter
- Travel & city clothing

Group Gear:
- Tent
- First aid kit
- Repair kit
- Bug repellent

Technical Gear:

We will provide technical gear needed for this trip. This includes:
- Kayaks and Accessories
- Harnesses
- Crampons
- Ice axes
- Ropes
- Helmets
Other than kayaks you might be asked to aid in transporting the equipment to Chile

* Night time temperatures to 0 degrees, daytime highs to +25.
* Boots will be fitted with crampons. Stiffer boots will be more comfortable.
* Inflatable sleeping pads should be packed inside your back pack or wrapped in a protective cover.

Articles difficult to find in Chile:
- Duct Tape,
- Specific Medications, drugs
- Energy Bars, ie Power bar, granola bars
- Feminine Products
- Outdoor gear of any kind

Canadian Dollars are hard to exchange in many places. US dollars are the norm. US travelers cheques work as well. Cash withdrawls can be made at instant teller machines with Visa or Mastercard. Withdrawls can be made in Chilean Pesos or in US dollars.

Other Items:

Garbage Bags
- to line backpacks in rainy conditions.
Bathing suit
Travel Towel,
Camp Towel (shammy style)
Sunscreen, one bottle between every 4 people
Little ozone is left down there and it is very easy to burn
Bring fresh batteries, not extras for the headlamps
Hand Sanitizer
Energy bars 30 per person ( 2 per day per person)

Blister kit for every two people and should include:
- duct tape (5-10meters)
- mole skin
- Compede or Dr Scholl blister cushions (rubbery second skin stuff)

Repair Kit (1 for 4 people )should weigh less than a pound and have a minimum of:
- Seam Seal glue (can be bought at MEC)
- Electrical tape
- Leatherman
- Wire
- Xtra buckles for backpack
- Needle and thread
- Extra button for pants
- garbage bag
- a couple of zip locks
- Pen/pencil
- Extra batteries for whatever AA & AAA
- Therma-rest patch kit
- 5meters of twine or 3mm cord.
- 8X10 tarp per 4 people

Pop bottles can be used for extra water bottles. These can be bought down there. Although we shouldn’t count on it there should be places to buy odds and ends along the way.

We have destroyed 3 tents in this park. Make sure you have a good tent. The $50 Canadian Tire tent is not going to make it. If you are unsure about what you have, a good reference is the website. Bring a minimum of a three season tent.