Peru, May 2004


Packing for the 12 day excursion in the city of Cuzco.

Our first day on the tour, looking up the valley at Choquetecarpo

The climbing goal of the trip, the un-named unclimbed peaks of Tiyuyoc

Niel hikes along one of the inca highways, now overgrown, but not forgotten.

Jamie takes photos of the Tiyuyoc Range

Efrain guides the horses down a slope that has not seen travel in many years

Marcelo hiking the bear paths through the Cloud forrests

Jamie rests at 5100m

Marcelo plays some quena under Choquetecarpo (5512m)

Another pass long forgetten

The beautiful summit of Humantay (5900m)

Los Mellizos on the left.

Running from the curious cows.

Looking back across the Sacsara valley at Los Mellizos

Mountain horses/mules/burros?

Neil at sunrise under Quishuar

First ascent? of the East Tiyuyoc Peak

Climbing on an un-named summit north of Pumasillo (right)

Climbing on an un-named summit north of Pumasillo (right)
Morning and Evening light on Tiyuyoc Main (5350m)
Climbing Tiyuyoc Main

The summit ridge of Tiyuyoc Main. First ascent?

Ugly flowers

Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu
Recently discovered mummies near Espinar


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