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In Mid April of 2004, five of us went to check out the northern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula. I took Rog's digital camera and scuba casing and got the following shots.


The Crew

Our first day

Calaveras Cenote

Wild natural springs

Marcelo's rigs

Jumping in

Hanging out

A heated discussion!

Light shines through the small holes in cave roof

Often several holes

Grand Cenote

Cool tunnels to explore

You can go back hundreds of feet with just a snorkel

Still trying to talk to the fish!


Mayan Ruins

White beaches and blue water surround Tulum

The Guardian of the Ruins

Hidden Cenote

More of a lagoon

Mutt in Hidden Cenote

Guppies in Crystal Cenote

Jamie checking out the caves in Crystal Cenote

Going home from Crystal Cenote

Mutt, gut?

Bat Cave

Bat Cave, Dos Ojos

Scuba divers dwarved by Dos Ojos Cenote

Dos Ojos, has 80km of caves underwater

Bat Cave entrance

Coming Soon!

2nd uglies church I've seen


Inland ruins

One large temple

Lots of cool carvings

Doorways and delicate stonework

Uxmal temple

Inland was much hotter without the sea breeze

Making buddies

Checking out the local establishment

Mama, look the Gringos want something

The ugliest Church I have seen

Unknown Cenote

30km fro Ticul

Dirty garbage decorated detracted from this Cenote

Unnamed Cenote

Swimming Cenote

Cave Tour

Pre Mayan hand art

The Cathedral

Rock formations

Taking photos

Chichen Itza during the night show



Jamie on top of the pyramid


Temple of the warriors




Cool light on the temple

The Warriors

A courtyard

The Warriors by night

Isla Mujeres

Typical street on the Island of Ladies


I will beat you if you hurt me!

I'll wait here till we go for more Tequila

Jamie learns

Marcelo, bored

Marie and fish

Just fish!

Watch your step in the shallows


Less than a meter of water

Another fish

Big, long, mean fish.