From the Merriam-Webster Dictionary
1 : an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks
2 : an exciting or remarkable experience

With every trip there is always an unglamorous side. Often as many or more days are spent planning and preparing as are spent on the trip itself. A big part of any true adventure is being involved in the whole process from beginning to end. We would like to provide you with the opportunity to truly explore something new.

The focus of our adventures over the next few years will be in South America. How would you like to join us searching for lost Inca cities in Peru, explore bigwalls in Chile or caves in Yucatan Peninsula, cross ice fields in Patagonia, and ascend unclimbed mountains throughout the Andes.

These adventures are for everyone and can be tailored to your likes and dislikes because adventure has a different meaning to everyone.

What is unique about these trips is that our guides are going on exploratory trips and you are welcome to join us.