Rock Climbing

Squamish, Whistler, Interior, Rockies and International

Private Guiding:
We offer a variety of rock climbing tours on the Squamish Chief. Some examples are:
Angel’s Crest - 12 pitches up to 5.10b
Diedre - 7 pitches up to 5.8
The Grand Wall - 9 pitches up to 5.11-
The Sheriff’s Badge - 8 pitches up to A3+ (3 nights)

You should also consider climbing:

  • Sierra Nevada granite multipitch
  • Red Rock single and multi-pitch
  • Rockies quartzite
  • South America rock


Private Instruction:
If you know exactly what you want to learn and you don’t want to go through one of the courses here is an opportunity to cut right to the chase.
Pre-requisites: none-expert

Intro. to Rock Climbing
This is an introduction to climbing. A tour of some of the rock climbs in Squamish that attract people from around the world.
Pre-requisites: none
4 guests per guide
Duration: 1 day

Top Rope & Anchors
Our goal with this course is to send you on your way with the skills and the confidence to safely return to climb on your own. In this course you will learn belay technique, knots and anchor principals, rope and system management and some climbing technique on the local rock.
Pre-requisites: none
4 guests per guide
Duration: 2 days

From Indoors to Out
This course is comprised of an evening session and a long day on the rock. At the end of this course you will know to set up anchors for top roping and rappelling.
Pre-requisites: Climbing gym belay pass.
4 guests per guide
Duration: 1 evening + 1 day

Sport Climbing

This day at the crag is designed to push you into the world of lead climbing. Throughout the day we cover proper leading practices, belaying a lead climber, equipment considerations and limitations, lead climbing safety.
Pre-requisites: Top-rope skills to 5.9/5.10-level
2 guests per guide
Duration:1 day

Lead Climbing and Protection Placement
In this rigorous two-day course you will learn and practice lead climbing, and lead belay skills. Stressed in this course are the fundamentals behind placing protection. We will also look at station management and multi-pitch climbing.
After this course you will be exhausted yet excited to come try your new skills.
Pre-requisites: Top-rope skill of 5.9/5.10-
2 guests per guide
Duration: 2 days

Improvised Rock Rescue
Clear your mind before you come to this one. During the two days we cover skills that have value in all aspects of climbing. You will learn to ascend and descend loaded ropes, block the belay, escape the system, lowering systems, passing knots, raising / hauling systems and counter balance rappels
Pre-requisites: Confident lead climbing and protection placement skills.
4 guests per guide
Duration: 2 days

Aid Climbing 101

This two-day course gives you a basis to start aid climbing with. You will leave this course with the skills to climb moderate aid routes. You will learn to lead, bounce test, gear selection, and piton-craft including beaks and RURPs. We will also play with hooks and heads. You will also learn how to clean a pitch, including ascending, passing pieces, lower outs, and funkness device. We will set up a haul system and practice anchor and station management.
Pre-requisites: Lead climbing ability to 5.9/5.10-, rescue course beneficial
2 guests per guide
Duration: 2 days

Big Wall Techniques
This course you will learn about multi-pitch aid climbing, fixing rope, hauling techniques, tricks of the trade and, most importantly, time management. In this course we will climb at least one wall (i.e. Wrist-Twister, Breakfast Run, Cannabis Wall, University Wall) and we will bivi on the wall one night. This course is very flexible and we can tailor it to your needs.
Pre-requisites: Previous aid course or experience.
2 guests per guide
Duration: 3 days


Red Rocks, Nevada