This 3-week trekking and hiking odyssey in Peru is a unique way to venture into the hidden cultures of South America and experience first-hand the beautiful Peruvian culture, sceneries, and ecological diversity. A small group with an experienced bilingual guide is the only way to guarantee a genuine Peruvian experience. Throughout the trip we will travel and live as the locals do.

The trip is broken into two legs. In the first leg the group will follow the ancient Inca highways from Vitcos (one of the Incas’ last strongholds) to Macchu Picchu through the wild and beautiful mountains of the Cordillera Vilcabamba. Most gear will be packed on horses, so the participants will be able to hike with little more than rain gear, camera, and a water bottle. We usually see condors soaring around mountains that are so inaccessible that many have never been climbed.

The second leg of the journey is spent descending to and travelling through the Amazon Basin. Unlike the rest of the trip, in this section we will descend into the jungle in a private vehicle, giving us the opportunity to stop as often as we want to visit the many Inca ruins and 900 species of birds that live in the region. Throughout the several days we spend on boats we will see all sorts of flora and fauna including giant ferns, orchids, alligators, macaws, monkeys, tapirs and the elusive Amazon freshwater dolphins. We will travel with a local guide and naturalist.